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February 2024

Welcome to Kakushin, your premier Canadian Knife Store. Specializing in offering a diverse range of kitchen knives and accessories. Whether you're in search of authentic Japanese knives, Western-style chef's knives, or even collector's blades, we carry in-stock a selection of over 500 products sourced from around the world.

If you're a home cook, professional chef, an outdoor enthusiast, or looking to make the perfect gift, our bilingual website and customer service have you covered!


We quality inspect all our blades prior to shipping. Our BESS Certified sharpness scale will guarantee that your knives deliver the smoothest cuts. Owning a sharp kitchen knife made from premium steel will change your cooking experience forever.


Having all our products readily available in our main knife store allows us to ship everything directly from our local inventory. As a result, you get fast and free shipping*. We even go the extra mile by offering a free tracking number with all orders!


With our knife store and stock located in Canada, all Canadian orders can say goodbye to unexpected duties, customs fees and exchange rate fluctuations; our prices are clear and upfront. We take care of the international declarations on items from foreign countries.


Designed to provide a high level of comfort during extended usage periods. Don't be fooled by knives with badly designed handles as they can strain and tire the hand, which increases the risk for accidents.

TAIGA Series
Japanese Knife Collection

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Kakushin's esteemed Hanma collection is a symphony of Japanese craftsmanship, where cutting-edge precision meets culinary excellence. Made in Mino-City, just north of Osaka, these popular Japanese kitchen knives represent the pinnacle of cutting perfection, offering a comprehensive set of culinary essentials.

From the versatile Chef's knife Gyuto to the exacting precision of the Nakiri, the nimble agility of the Petty, the refined finesse of the Paring, and the seamless cutting prowess of the Sujihiki, each knife in the Hanma series is a testament to Kakushin's dedication to delivering quality for discerning chefs.

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With many models, shapes, sizes, and brands, the realm of chef's knives for kitchen use spans from the finesse of Japanese knife to the robustness of Western-style knives, and even the craftsmanship of artisan-made knives. Our guide will help you make an informed and optimal purchase decision.

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Choosing the perfect kitchen knife

Mike Sirek, owner of Kakushin's Knife Store, in Gatineau (Le Droit, Patrick Woodbury/Le Droit, Patrick Woodbury).

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