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A Sharp Knife is a Safe Knife!

Located at 360 Maloney Ouest in Gatineau, only 15 minutes away from downtown Ottawa with Free Parking.


Machine Sharpening

Machine Sharpening

Starting at only $10

Affordable Services

  • We can offer more for less than the competition with our up to date hardware and finishing products. With multiple abrasives to suite your blade and steel type we ensure you get the best bang for your buck!

Latest Sharpening Technology

  • Your knives are typically sharpened within an hour. With the latest sharpening machines, we use the right sharpening material to ensure that there are no sparks during the process and avoid excessive heat.
Mail-In Services
Japanese Whetstone Sharpening

Japanese Whetstone Sharpening

Starting at only $20

Hand Sharpening

  • Completely done by hand using multiple whetstones imported from Japan, compounds, strops and a lot of elbow grease. Unlike popular sharpening services that use grinding machines that quickly remove unnecessary amounts of metal, add heat and stress on the blade.

Skilled Quality Work

  • Focused on kitchen knives, fishing knives, hunting knives and pocket knives to offer you the best finish. Don't hire a jack-of-all trades... Knife are fabricated from various steels and shapes that each react  differently - proper knife sharpening requires key skills to be mastered.
Mail-In Services
Knife Chip Repair


Starting at only $5

Our dedicated knife chip/crack repair services will enhance the sharpness and usability of your knife. Should you find small chips or nicks in the blade, trust our skilled professionals to expertly repair them, ensuring your knife is restored to optimal condition.

Knife Rust Removal


Price to be discussed based on needs.

Invest in our top-notch knife rust removal services. Should your knife suffer from rust or corrosion on the blade, our skilled professionals can expertly eliminate these issues and restore the blade to its smooth and pristine surface.



Price to be discussed based on needs.

Whether your knife's handle is cracked or damaged, we offer skilled repair options. In cases where repair may not be feasible, consider our extensive selection of handle choices available for purchase, allowing you to upgrade the look and extend the life of your knife.

View Handles


Price to be discussed based on needs.

Knife geometry is key, and a crucial step during the repair of a knife or the sharpening of an aging knife that is often overlooked is knife thinning. Thinning is essential for upkeeping the blade's performance, involving the grinding down of the primary bevel to better reveal the cutting core and ensure a sharp, razor-like feel.


Want to sharpen your knives at home? Follow our 13 easy steps to master whetstone sharpening.



Where are you located?

Our shop is based in Gatineau, just 10 minutes away from downtown Ottawa. We understand that finding a reliable source to sharpen your knives can be difficult, which is why we also offer mail-in sharpening services.

How much does it cost to sharpen my knives?

Our wet-machine sharpening starts at 10$ per knife and our traditional Japanese Whetstone sharpening which includes polishing and stropping starts at 20$ per knife.

Can I wait for my knives during the sharpening?

Typically we prefer that your knives are left with us for a few hours to ensure they are done properly. Since we are a storefront, we have walk-in clients which could delay the sharpening if you are waiting.

What is the difference between machine and hand sharpening?

Machine sharpening typically takes less than 10 minutes per knife and removes more metal from the edge than the traditional hand-sharpening. Our hand-sharpening also includes additional blade polishing whichi is highly recommended for knives made from hard steel such as Japanese knives.

How should I bring my knives to you?

While bringing them here dull is usually the easiest part, bringing them crisp sharp back home can pose risks. We recommend that you wrap the blades in a towel and put them in a box. If needed, we also sell some blade guards and cases in store.

Is it hard to sharpen my knives myself?

Sharpening isn't hard per say, but it requires a lot of patience and practice in order to be mastered. We typically see that a proper hand-sharpening session takes between 30 and 90 minutes all depending on the condition of the blade and experience.

Do you sharpen more than just knives?

We truly specialize in knives and offer limited sharpening service on a few other products. We do not currently sharpen; industrial tools, saws, drills, scissors. If you have something outside of this list, give us a call to see if we can sharpen it: 819-317-1000.


360 Maloney Ouest
Gatineau, Québec
J8P 7R5