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Same-Day Service


We understand that running a business is time-consuming, so we ensure the pickup of all your kitchen knives.


We complete knife sharpening on the same day, allowing your team to continue slicing and dicing with these amazing tools.


Once the sharpening is completed, we take care of the drop-off so that you get a same day service and hassle-free service.


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To offer the most competitive yet highest quality service, our rates are determined by the type of service, the quantity of knives, and your frequency of needs.

Services offered

Mechanical Sharpening (Machine)

Our cost-effective mechanical sharpening services are tailored to match each client's unique requirements, making them an adaptable choice for a wide array of steel and knife variations. Our sharpening arsenal includes a diverse set of tools, such as belt/strap machines, water wheels, and Japanese turning tables, each paired with a carefully selected range of grits. This combination of tools and expertise ensures that we consistently achieve the best possible results for your knives, delivering sharpness and precision at a budget-friendly price point.

Hand-Sharpening (Japanese Whetstone)

Our Japanese whetstone sharpening service are meticulously completed to meet the needs of those who cherish their high-end knives. We provide a diverse selection of stone types and grits, thoughtfully chosen either in alignment with the client's preferences or through a discerning evaluation of the knife's steel and manufacturing. This meticulous approach ensures that your knives are not merely sharpened but elevated to the pinnacle of their performance, delivering unrivaled precision and longevity.

Polishing & Stropping

In the realm of knife maintenance, the final touch is often crucial, providing your knives with an optimal finish. Polishing plays a pivotal role by eliminating those unsightly surface scratches, restoring the blade to its pristine glory. Meanwhile, the art of stropping takes your knives to the next level, meticulously honing and perfecting the cutting edge. Together, these services ensure that your knives not only look their best but also perform with unparalleled precision and sharpness.


Knife repair services provide a one-stop solution for maintaining the performance and durability of kitchen knives. We specialize in repairing chips, restoring tips, and removing rust from blades, ensuring your knives remain sharp, safe, and functional. Additionally, these services often offer blade sharpening, handle replacement, and complete knife refurbishment to prolong the life and usability of your valuable kitchen tools.