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Why Less is More: Invest in the Best Kitchen Knife Set - Kakushin

Why Less is More: Invest in the Best Kitchen Knife Set

We all love a good deal, right? When we encounter those big, flashy knife sets at tempting prices, it can be hard to resist the urge to upgrade our entire kitchen arsenal at once. But here's a secret that most retailers don't mention: investing in a few, even juste two, truly high-quality kitchen knives will revolutionize your cooking far more than a sprawling set of mediocre ones.

The Problem with Knife Sets

  • You don't use most of them: A typical knife set includes a wide array of blades. But realistically, how often are you reaching for that little awkwardly shaped knife or the specialized cheese knife? Most home cooks find those extra pieces gathering dust.
  • Fillers, not thrillers: To make those bulky knife sets appealing, many manufacturers throw in low-quality knives to reach the desired number. These "filler" knives might simply be a waste of your money and space.
  • One-size-fits-none: Knife sets offer convenience, but not customization. Your ideal knives depend on your cooking style, hand size, and individual preferences, so be sure to choose wisely yourself and not let someone dictate what should be in your knife set.

Kitche Knife Set

The Power of a Few Great Knives

So if not a sprawling set, then what? Here's why carefully choosing just a few essential kitchen knives is a winning strategy:

  • Mastery over mediocrity: A few great knives will give you far more utility than a dozen average ones. Focus on the workhorses: a chef's knife, a paring knife, and perhaps a specialty knife.
  • Love what you use: When you invest in quality, you develop a connection to your tools. Well-crafted knives that feel balanced in your hand and hold an edge beautifully make cooking a joy, not a chore.
  • Lifetime investment: Good knives aren't cheap, but think of them as a long-term investment. With proper care, they'll serve you reliably for years, making those pricier sets look like a poor bargain in the long run.

Optimal Kitchen Knife Set

Essential Knives to Start With

  • Chef's Knife: Used as your primary go-to blade, it's recognized as the ultimate all-purpose knife for chopping, slicing, and dicing. Therefore, if you're in search of your first knife, the chef's knife is the one on which you should allocate the majority of your budget, as it will be the most frequently utilized.
  • Petty Knife: Ideal for precise peeling, coring, and smaller cutting tasks, the petty is typically the second most popular knife that someone will grab in the kitchen. When the chef's knife if too big, grab your petty.
  • Specialty Knife (Optional): choosing a specialty knife tailored to your preferred cuisine can be optional. For instance, if your culinary passion revolves around preparing fish, briskets, and other protein-centric dishes, consider investing in a precision slicer such as a Sujihiki, Yanagiba, or a traditional western-style slicer. For those who enjoy crafting their own bread, a serrated bread knife is an essential tool for achieving perfect slices. Selecting the right specialty knife can enhance both your cooking prowess and the overall enjoyment of your favorite dishes.


    Knife Storage

    Forget bulky knife blocks! They can harbor bacteria, warp, scratch and dull your blades. Consider some modern alternatives:

    • In-drawer organizer: Protects knives and saves counter space while organizing your new and old knives with some accessories like your honing rod, all in one centralized location.
    Knife drawer organizer
    • Magnetic strip: Keeps knives visible and easily within reach, all while safeguarding them from moisture, thus preventing any inadvertent contact that may dull the blade.
    Knife Magnet strip

    The Bottom Line

    Ditch the discount sets and embrace the power of a personalized, quality knife collection. By choosing a few well-made, versatile knives you'll actually use and love, your cooking experience will transform from frustrating to fantastic.

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