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The Best Knife Storage Options - Stay Organized - Kakushin

The Best Knife Storage Options - Stay Organized

With countless storage solutions available on the market, at Kakushin we had the chance to try many of them and in today's short blog we will present you some of the most popular options and which to avoid.

First thing to understand is how storing your knives can also impact the sharpness and longevity of your knives. Many users tend to have their knives tucked away one on top of another in their drawers as their consensus is that they are not pretty enough to be nicely displayed on a rack in the kitchen, however we need to realize that edge against edge will quickly dull the sharpness or your knives and end up chipping the blades.

Whether you are looking for an at-home solution or an idea on how to transport your knives, each one will come with some advantages and disadvantages which we will outline so that you can make an educated decision on what will suit you the best.

Magnetic Wall Bars / Strips

Magnetic bars can be screwed or glued with two-sided tape onto your wall. They will come in many shapes, sizes, and also materials. We suggest to shy away from magnetic bars that are made from hard materials such as metal/stainless steel as they can scratch your blades and tend to develop oxidation over time, especially when knives are not properly washed. Wood magnetic bars or even ones with a leather strip protection are great solutions as they will not only look pretty but will also be soft enough to keep your knives shiny and scratch-free.

Wood / Straw Knife Blocs

Knife blocks are very common options found nearly everywhere on the market. While they often come with a set of knives, they are also available to be purchased individually. Be careful! Knife blocks can be made of hard woods such as bamboo and if they are not properly fitted for each of your knives, they can scratch, dull, and even chip the tips of your knives. In addition, they are known to hold humidity inside each slot which can negatively impact certain knives, such as the ones made from Carbon Steel. Blocks made with little straws are intended to allow any knife sizes and shapes to slide in, however, once again we must keep in mind that those straws will create resistance each time you slice your knives into the block resulting in scratched and even at times quickly dulled edges.

Knife Bloc
Blade Guards / Sheaths

Blade sheaths are an amazing way to suit most blade models on the market. They are individually affordable, light, and resistant, making them an amazing option for those who travel with their knives, and even a great alternative to drawer storage so that your blades don't ding and chip themselves. Additionally, they make it much safer for anyone who sticks their hands into your kitchen drawers. A disadvantage can be humidity and contamination, but this is more common when your kitchen knives aren't properly washed or dried as they can trap any residues stuck to your knife when they are inserted. A solution that many will use is to oil their blades before storing them and also change their guards from time to time.

In-Drawer Knife Organizers

Storing knives in your drawers can be a nice way to keep your kitchen clean and is ideal for small kitchens that don't have the counter space or wall space to expose their knives. Typically made from various wood types, they can also be seen made out of composites such as PVC and cork. The advantage comes with the accommodation of many knife shapes and sizes, even allowing you to store your honing rod by keeping everything well organized and stored away while protecting the blades so that they won't touch and dull each other. Similar to blade guards and knife blocks discussed above, each knife must be cleaned and properly dried to avoid food residues and humidity from getting trapped.

Katana-Style Racks

Katana racks have been modernized to be used in your kitchen for your knives. With the goal to showcase your beautiful knives, Katana racks are typically made out of wood with round or square pegs on which your knives are laid on their spine (back) leaving the edge facing up. This is a scratch-free option and doesn't dull your knives; however, if you have young children or even cats, this option might not be the best as the blades facing up can be dangerous.

Transport Bags / Knife Rolls

When you are on the go, like to travel with your knives, work in a kitchen, or even want your knives nicely tucked away, bags and knife rolls are a great option. With various materials such as waxed canvas, leather, and other fabrics, they come in various sizes and often even include zipper storage areas for your personal accessories. With the wide variety of materials, bags and rolls come in all the color options possible, making them a great fit when you are looking to match your fashion style.

Custom Magnetic Knife Stands

An ideal way to showcase your knives on your kitchen countertop where they are also available at your fingertips. This custom stand collection is the ever-evolving option made by various woodshops, each trying to make their own exclusive piece with a personal touch. While racks made out of wood are popular, the ones with additional finishing such as fabric or leather to soften the contact of your knife add that extra layer of protection and make them grip better. If you are looking for a style to nicely fit your kitchen, you can surely find a nice option in the magnetic knife stands.

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