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Shun Leveling/Flattening Stone

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Current price $48 CAD

Ever notice your trusty whetstone getting a bit...uneven? Here's where the Shun Leveling Stone steps in, your new sharpening partner-in-crime. This handy tool keeps your whetstone, be it a Shun or another brand, in top condition. See, over time, sharpening wears down the middle, creating an unwanted curve. Not cool for those precise cuts.

The Shun Leveling Stone fixes that with ease. Simply soak both it and your whetstone in some water (like, a quick dip). Then, with the grooved side of the leveling stone, gently glide it back and forth over the whetstone's surface. Boom! Flatness restored, ready to get those blades slicing like a dream.

Here's the sweet part: this leveling stone is built to last. So grab one, keep your sharpening smooth, and avoid any sharpening stress.