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Glass Pro Sharpening Whetstone Set (3) /w Lapping Powder

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This bundle includes three Glass Pro sharpening stones renowned for their unique and latest bonding technology, ensuring long-lasting performance and consistent results. Each stone features a ceramic abrasive bonded to a robust glass plate, creating a flat, sturdy surface for precise sharpening.

The set includes:

  • 1200-grit stone: Ideal for sharpening your knives
  • 3000-grit stone: Perfect for polishing and refining their edges
  • 6000-grit stone: Excellent for fine-tuning and honing edges to a razor-sharp finish

Additionally, the set comes with:

  • Rubber bases for each stone: Providing stability and preventing slipping during sharpening
  • Lapping compound (20g.): Used to maintain the flatness of the stones after each use, ensuring optimal sharpening performance which should be enough to last about 20 lapping sessions.

Some key benefits:

  • Splash-and-go sharpening: No soaking required, making sharpening convenient and efficient
  • Generous size (20x7x1.8cm): Provides ample surface area for comfortable sharpening
  • Suitable for: Stainless steel and carbon steel knives

This complete sharpening set offers everything you need to achieve professional-grade sharpness on your knives at home. Invest in quality and experience the difference of Glass Pro sharpening stones!