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Custom Miyazaki Hon-warikomi Suminagashi Hakata 172mm

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Original price $750 CAD
$750 CAD
$750 CAD - $750 CAD
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Knife Style: Hakata
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Blade Material: Aogami Blue #2
Blade Finish: Suminagashi

Blade Hardness: 62HRC (+/-1)
Bevel: Double
Handle: Custom Ashwood

Ferrule: Blonde Buffalo Horn
Blade Size: 172mm 
Heel Height: 47mm
Spine Thickness 1: At Heel: 3.10mm
Spine Thickness 2: In Middle: 2.20mm
Weight: 169g

This authentic Hakata was crafted by Haruki Miyazaki-San in Gotō, an island located in the far west of Japan, specifically in Nagasaki. It is handmade using Aogami Blue #2, also known as Blue Steel. The knife is assembled at Kakushin's shop and features a distinctive Ashwood handle with blonde buffalo horn ferrule. Crafting knives with 'Honwarikomi' requires exceptional skill and time, which not many possess. The certificate is included, confirming its genuine 'Honwarikomi' and 'Water quenched' construction. 

The Hakata knife is a type of Japanese bunka knife, renowned for its broad, rectangular-shaped blade with a slight curve that leads to an aggressive tip. The blade boasts a remarkably thin edge, enabling precise cutting and slicing. This versatile chef's knife is commonly employed for chopping vegetables, slicing meats, and even preparing fruits, making it a popular choice in the kitchen.

One distinguishing feature of the Hakata knife is its tall heel, characterized by a wide blade. This design allows users to employ a rocking motion while cutting, surpassing the capabilities of a bunka knife, which shares some similarities. Overall, the Hakata knife holds a prominent position in Japanese cuisine, valued for its exceptional versatility. Its unique shape and storied history have made it a cherished tool among professional chefs, home cooks, and even Japanese knife enthusiasts.