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Yamada Iron Hammered Double-Handle Wok

in stock, ready to be shipped
in stock, ready to be shipped
in stock, ready to be shipped
Original price $80 CAD - Original price $120 CAD
Original price
$80 CAD
$80 CAD - $120 CAD
Current price $80 CAD

Made in Yokohama, Japan. Safe for all heat-surfaces, but optimal over gas or fire, each wok is hammered over 5,000 times to provide various thicknesses depending on the part of the wok to ensure that the cooking heat is transmitted evenly.

Shipped with a protective varnish to prevent them rusting during storage and transport, this layer needs to be burnt off over high heat to expose the bare metal underneath and then thoroughly seasoned before first use.

Important Notes -

  • Do not leave your wok sitting for extended periods without oiling it. Cook and fry regularly with your wok to build a protective patina

  • Use appropriate ladles are a great investment

  • Don’t steam or boil your food in your wok

  • Avoid cooking acidic food in a freshly seasoned wok, including tomatoes, vinegar, and lemon

  • Don’t use a dishwasher, soak or use abrasive pads, chemicals, including soaps and sanitizers

*Because these woks are all handmade they can slightly vary in size. Fine scratches and minor imperfections may be found which are all proofs and a result of each piece being individually handmade.