Dairiseki Steak Set (4x)

Dairiseki Steak Set (4x)

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The Dairiseki line is known for its luxurious G10 handle on a Damascus blade. It has been designed with added material for those who like knives that provide a heavier feel.


These exceptional steak knives were made with a combination of layered steel and a resilient VG10 core. In contrast to conventional serrated blades that cause meat to tear and rip, these knives effortlessly cut through with accuracy, guaranteeing a flawless dining sensation. Thanks to their outstanding sharpness, similar to a chef's knife, these knives can be easily maintained using a ceramic honing rod.


Knife Style: Steak
Steel Type: Stainless Steel
Blade Material: VG10
Blade Finish: Damascus
Blade Hardness: 60HRC
Bevel: Double Non-Serrated
Handle: G10
Blade Size: 120mm
Heel Height: 27mm
Spine Thickness: 1.90mm
Weight: 123g

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