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Custom Wa-Handle #53 - 130mm (Small)

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Original price $175 CAD - Original price $175 CAD
Original price $175 CAD
$175 CAD
$175 CAD - $175 CAD
Current price $175 CAD

Description: Octagonal
Material: Brass Wood (Marble Buffalo Horn Ferrule)
Size: 130mm x 24mm x 20mm
Weight: 31g



Handle fitment often comes down to personal preference regarding the size of the handle versus the blade. While we've seen some amazing combinations we never thought could work, the possibilities are truly limitless. That said, there are some basic measurements considered more common in the industry. For example:

  • Petty/Utility Knife Handles: 100mm to 130mm
  • Chef's Knife Handles: 130mm to 140mm
  • Slicer (Sujihiki and others) Handles: +/- 140mm
  • Cleaver Handles: +/- 140mm

Each handle is handcrafted, meaning the specified sizes, weights, and color combinations may exhibit slight variations. The measurements listed are typically taken in the middle of the handles and are provided in millimeters.

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Handles can be purchased individually to complete a personal project, but did you know we also offer installation services if you want it done professionally?

Pair your favorite knife blade with a handle from our collection or give us your knife so we can give it a new life.