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Les Forgés | 3-Pc Opinel Kitchen Knife Set

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Knife Style: Chef
Blade Length: 200mm
Heel Height: 45mm
Spine Thickness: 2.60mm
Weight: 207g

Knife Style: Santoku
Blade Length: 165mm
Heel Height: 44mm
Spine Thickness: 2.30mm
Weight: 187g

Knife Style: Paring
Blade Length: 75mm
Heel Height: 16mm
Spine Thickness: 1.60mm
Weight: 54g

Steel Type: Stainless Steel
Blade Material: X50CrMoV15
Blade Finish: Migaki
Blade Hardness: 57HRC (+/-1)
Bevel: Double
Handle: Stabilized Beechwood

Introducing the Opinel Les Forges Chef Trio - a set of three high-quality knives that will elevate your culinary experience to the next level. This bundle includes a Chef Knife, a Chef Santoku, and a Paring Knife, all forged with precision and care.

The Chef Knife is the perfect all-purpose tool for any kitchen. With a blade length of 200mm, it's large enough to tackle any task, yet still versatile enough to handle delicate cutting jobs. Made from premium X50CrMoV15 stainless steel, the blade is both durable and sharp, ensuring that you can tackle even the toughest ingredients with ease.

The Chef Santoku is a Japanese-style knife that's perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping. With its hollow edge, it reduces friction and allows food to easily slide off the blade, making it ideal for preparing delicate dishes. The blade length of 165mm makes it perfect for precise cuts.

The Paring Knife is a versatile and essential tool for any chef. With its pointed tip and sharp blade, it's perfect for peeling, trimming, and shaping fruits and vegetables. The blade length of 75mm makes it easy to handle and maneuver, ensuring that you can make precision cuts with ease.

Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, the Opinel Les Forges are a perfect addition to your kitchen. With its high-quality construction and versatile range of knives, you'll be able to tackle any culinary challenge with ease.