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Katana-H Style Dark (3) Knife Rack

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Introducing a unique storage solution for your three favorite kitchen knives, inspired by the iconic sword displays of Japanese samurais. Our handmade knife stand is crafted from premium Oak Wood, stained, lacquered, and torched to replicate the traditional Japanese Katana Racks.

Each stand is handmade in Canada, resulting in a unique and striking rustic design that is sure to impress. While each stand is fully handmade, the stain brightness can vary from slightly lighter to darker, measures approximately 17cm in length, 15cm in width, and 26cm in height, providing the perfect showcase for your prized knife set.

Crafted with durability in mind, our stand is lacquered and glued with epoxy to ensure longevity, keeping your knives safe and secure for years to come. This stand is both sturdy and easy to move.