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Kanetstune Migaki Nakiri 165mm

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Knife Style: Nakiri
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Blade Material: Aogami Blue #2
Blade Finish: Migaki
Blade Hardness: 61HRC (+/-1)
Bevel: Double
Handle: Magnolia Wood
Bolster: Black Polycarbonate Resin
Blade Length: 165mm
Heel Height: 54mm
Spine Thickness: 4.80mm
Weight: 135g

Handmade in Japan from highly a Aogami Blue #2 Carbon Steel core and iron clad with a migaki finished, this Nakiri has a hard core to hold and edge that will slice and dice with extreme precision. With a 4.8mm thick spine at the bolster that tempers off to 1mm at the tip, it's front balanced for the ones that love to pinch grip their blades. It offers a traditional magnolia wood handle that was pressure fit with heat onto the knife tang - beware that some handles could have or could develop little crevices from the pressure around the tang which is typical from such assembly and won't affect its reliability with normal use. If this occurs, simply seal it from times to times with bees' wax to prevent unnecessary water infiltration. With an affordable price-point cand high-end steel, one must appreciate handmade knives with a crude finish that you typically won't find in machine made knives.

Nakiri knives are highly known for their long and flat blade. They tend to be fabricated with a higher heel compared to other models and are extremely popular for chopping vegetables. They are the ideal candidate for cutting long veggies in a single chop, but also great for a push or pull cut into harder vegetables. The square shape allows you to easily grip your fingers around the handle with no fear of busting your knuckles when chopping your vegetables.

Many chefs that regularly work with vegetables and fruits consider their Nakiri a primary knife in the kitchen.