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The Best Meat Knife Models: For BBQ Season - Kakushin

The Best Meat Knife Models: For BBQ Season

With barbecue season upon us, outdoor cooking enthusiasts are dusting off their BBQs and smokers, gearing up to create those mouthwatering summer meals. As cooking and smoking food involves preparation and serving, having the right knives can make all the difference.

When it comes to cutting meat, not all knives are created equal. Some models are better suited to the task than others, ensuring precision and maintaining the integrity of your cuts. We're here to guide you through selecting the perfect knife for your needs, so you can avoid the dreaded sight of meat being sawed with a bread knife this summer.

Let's delve into the top picks.

The Prep Work

Before cooking or smoking food on a barbecue, preparation is key. This often involves tasks such as deboning, removing silver skin, and cutting into manageable pieces. For these delicate yet crucial tasks, a smaller knife is often preferred. Its shorter blade allows for precise cuts and easier handling, making preparation more efficient.


Boning knives are prized for their resilience, requiring minimal maintenance. With a stainless steel blade and durable PVC handles, they can withstand considerable abuse. Their robust construction makes them ideal for tasks where precision meets toughness ➛ View Models

Victorinox Swiss Classic Flex Boning 150mm - Kakushin

While a honesuki, also known as a poultry knife, offers superior precision and quality steel, it demands more attention to maintenance. Its single-bevel edge provides a unique cutting experience incomparable to traditional boning knives. However, this precision comes with the trade-off of requiring careful upkeep to maintain its performance ➛ View Models

SKD-12 Honesuki-Kaku 150mm - Kakushin
When in doubt

The humble petty knife, also known as the utility knife, proves its worth by handling a wide range of tasks. While it may lack the precision of specialized knives, its versatility shines through. Beyond BBQ prep, it excels in various kitchen duties, from mincing herbs to slicing small fruits and vegetables. Its adaptability makes it an indispensable tool for any cook ➛ View Models

Taiga Damascus Petty 135mm - Kakushin
The Final Cut

With the prep work complete and the barbecue meats cooked to perfection, the final step is to skillfully slice your meats—roasts, briskets, fish—into presentation-ready pieces. While the knives suggested for prep work excel in their own right, their shorter blade lengths may not be optimal for this stage. Most meats, being large in size, require longer blades for clean, precise cuts.

It's crucial to avoid excessive sawing during this stage, as it can tear and disrupt the meat's grain, leading to loss of juices and tenderness. To assist you in this critical task, let's explore some of the most popular models designed specifically for the final cutting stage.


For situations where knives are shared among multiple users or used outdoors, Western-style meat slicers present an excellent option. Constructed with long blades and softer steel, paired with water-resistant handles, they offer durability and ease of maintenance.

Opting for a blade length of around 250mm ensures sufficient reach for various cutting tasks. Some Western-style handles combine exceptional performance and resistance, making them a reliable choice for barbecue enthusiasts ➛ View Models

Victorinox Swiss Classic Slicer 250mm - Kakushin

Japanese knives are known for their exceptional sharpness, with sujihiki knives standing out for their precision and performance in meat cutting. Ranging from 210mm to 300mm in blade length, the 240mm and 270mm options are favored for their versatility. Featuring a double-beveled edge, they excel in delivering precise cuts for various meats.

However, it's essential to note that sujihiki knives may require additional care compared to the Western-style knives discussed earlier. Their sharpness comes with a trade-off, as they can be more brittle, particularly when working around bones View Models

When in doubt

Although traditional chef's knives may not always be considered the optimal choice for meat cutting, their versatility should not be underestimated. With a long and sharp blade, a chef's knife can gently slice through meat when needed. While models like the sujihiki or slicer are more specialized and thus potentially more optimal, the chef's knife serves as a reliable option when alternatives are unavailable ➛ View Models

Red Canvas Micarta JF Chef 240mm - Kakushin

As you gear up for barbecue season, selecting the right knife is essential. From precise prep work to flawless final cuts, the choice of knife can make all the difference in your barbecue cooking.

Each option clearly brings its own unique advantages to the table. Consider your cooking style, preferences, and maintenance routine when selecting the perfect knife for your barbecue adventures.

Happy grilling!

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