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YH-3000 Series Carbon Duo

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Knife Style: Gyuto
Blade Size: 180mm 
Weight: 167g

Knife Style: Petty
Blade Size: 135mm 
Weight: 80g

Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Blade Material: Aogami Blue #2 Clad SUS410 Stainless Steel
Blade Finish: Tsuchime
Blade Hardness: 61HRC (+/-1)
Bevel: Double
Handle: Black Plywood
Bolster: Stainless Steel

Introducing our exceptional duo package of YH-3000 series carbon steel knives – the 200mm Gyuto and 135mm Petty – both crafted to perfection for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike, adorned with a stunning Tsuchime finish and skillfully handcrafted in Japan. The blades boast a superior Aogami #2 (Blue Steel) cutting core, renowned for its exceptional performance. Complemented by resilient SUS410 Stainless Steel cladding, this duo strikes an ideal balance between ease of maintenance and remarkable edge retention.

The Gyuto, with its impressive 200mm length, showcases a gracefully hammered surface and is designed to be the only knife you need in your culinary arsenal. Its versatility knows no bounds, featuring a taller heel for robust chopping, a flat profile for precision slicing, and a pointed tip for intricate work. Renowned for its adaptability, the Gyuto is the preferred choice for chefs seeking a single, multipurpose knife that excels in various kitchen tasks.

Accompanying the Gyuto is the 135mm Petty knife, an indispensable companion for delicate tasks that require finesse. This smaller yet equally formidable blade is perfect for intricate slicing, peeling, and other precision work, making it an essential addition to any kitchen.