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King #800 ST-4 Neo Stainless Sharpening Whetstone

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The King 'Neo' Waterstones represent an innovative addition to the renowned King lineup, boasting a ceramic stone composition that sets them apart from traditional waterstones. These stones are tailor-made for the sharpening of stainless steel and alloy steel blades, delivering enhanced cutting performance and maintaining a consistently flat surface over extended use.

With a grit rating of #800, these stones excel at swiftly and effectively rectifying damaged edges and adjusting or restoring edge geometry. No need for soaking before use—simply apply a small amount of water to the stone's surface to prevent the buildup of grinding debris, ensuring optimal performance.

Made by the Japanese sharpening stone manufacturer Matsunaga, in Osaka, they are known to be the oldest and most popular maker of Japanese water stones in the West. Relatively soft and pleasant to use compared to many other brands, one can easily see and feel how the stone cuts the surface.

Serie: Home (Splash-and-go)
Grit: #800
Model: ST-4 (With Stand and Case)
Size: 185mm x 62mm x 25mm

Sharpening Tutorial Video: Click here!