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King #200/#1000 Toishi Combo Sharpening Whetstone

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The perfect double-sided companion for hunting, fishing, camping, and outdoor knives. With a rugged #200 grit side for repairs and rough sharpening, as well as a smooth #1000 finish side for fine tuning, it's the perfect companion designed to cater to all your sharpening needs.

Made by the Japanese sharpening stone manufacturer Matsunaga, in Osaka, they are known to be the oldest and most popular maker of Japanese water stones in the West. Relatively soft and pleasant to use compared to many other brands, one can easily see and feel how the stone cuts the surface.

Serie: Home (Soak)
Grit: #200/#1000
Model: KG-65 (With Stand)
Size: 185mm x 63mm x 25mm

IMPORTANT: This stone model should be soaked in clean water 15 minutes before being used.

Sharpening Tutorial Video: Click here!