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Kanetsune Kawa-Hagi Skinning 95mm

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Knife Style: Skinning / Boning
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Blade Material: Shirogami White #3
Blade Finish: Kurouchi
Blade Hardness: 61HRC (+/-1)
Bevel: Single
Handle: Zelkova Wood
Bolster: Carbon Steel
Blade Size: 95mm
Heel Height: 34mm
Spine Thickness: 2.30mm
Weight: 67g

Introducing the Kawa-Hagi Skinning Knife, crafted with pride in Seki City, Japan.

This knife is expertly designed for a range of culinary tasks, excelling in poultry butchering, precise skinning, and adeptly handling fish. Its non-flexible blade and substantial spine, combined with a single bevel edge and rounded cutting core, make it an ideal tool for those seeking precision and control in their culinary endeavors. Beyond its primary applications, this versatile knife has also found favor among enthusiasts who appreciate its finesse in fruit carving.