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Japanese Spruce Cutting Boards

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in stock, ready to be shipped
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Introducing our Double-Sided Spruce Japanese Cutting Boards – a culinary essential made from the finest natural spruce wood. With a slender 1.5 cm thickness, these cutting boards are designed for easy handling, making them a versatile addition to your kitchen.

Derived from the coniferous Spruce tree of the Pinaceae family, our cutting boards showcase the stunning grain characteristic of this unique wood. The beauty of Spruce is not just in its appearance but also in its practicality. Each board is made in Japan, ensuring a product that reflects the rich heritage of traditional high-end product fabrication.

What sets these cutting boards apart is their thoughtful design – they're double-sided with engraving on each side. One side is dedicated to meat cutting (fish logo), while the other is ideal for vegetables (lettuce logo). This smart feature not only adds versatility to your kitchen but also helps prevent cross-contamination during food preparation.

Utility Cutting Board
36cm x 21cm x 1.4cm
Weight: 580g

Chef's Cutting Board
45cm x 26cm x 1.4cm
Weight: 720g

Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, these Japanese cutting boards are perfect for use with delicate Japanese knives. Their thin profile adds precision to your slicing and dicing, while the aesthetic appeal makes them equally suitable as a stylish cheese board.