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Hasegawa Pro-PE Lite FPEL-Series Cutting Board

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in stock, ready to be shipped
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Original price $90.00
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Made by HASEGAWA, a Japanese company based in Chiba prefecture in business since 1955. "Seeking the safety with science" describes their business slogan, they were awarded with the "Good Design Award" and since known as one of the best cutting board models on the market. 

Hasegawa's Soft Cutting Boards cushion absorbs the blow of your knives, thus preserving your blade’s sharpness. With a wood core which boosts benefits the cutting and feeling benefits, they are light and do not crack or warp easily like wooden cutting boards.

Crafted with a sleek black finish and a unique two-toned design, the FPEL cutting board is unlike any other. Its secret lies in its innovative multi-layer construction. A lightweight yet robust wood core forms the base, providing exceptional stability and resistance to warping or bending. This, combined with the contrasting surface, makes it easy to distinguish food ingredients, especially those prone to staining like carrots or herbs. This is particularly beneficial in low-light environments, allowing chefs to showcase their culinary creations with confidence.

The FPEL is more than just a pretty face. It's also a champion of functionality. Its clever design makes it 30-50% lighter than solid plastic alternatives, reducing fatigue during use and minimizing the risk of injury in case of drops. Additionally, it's built to last, being dishwasher-safe and able to withstand high-temperature washing without compromising its shape or integrity. The unique two white accent lines aren't just for aesthetics; they're integral parts of the board's construction, blending functionality with style for a cutting board that is both durable and visually appealing.

Ideal for residential and even commercial environments, these cutting boards are easy to clean and highly durable.


FPEL 18-3620 : 14.2 inch x 7.9 inch x 0.7 inch (36cm x 20cm x 1.8cm)
FPEL 18-4123 : 16.1 inch x 9.1 inch x 0.7 inch (41cm x 23cm x 1.8cm)
FPEL 18-4429 : 17.3 inch x 11.4 inch x 0.7 inch (44cm x 29cm x 1.8cm)
FPEL 18-4626 : 18.1 inch x 10.2 inch x 0.7 inch (46cm x 26cm x 1.8cm)


FPEL 18-3620 : 0.91kg (32.0oz)
FPEL 18-4123 : 1.13kg (39.9oz)
FPEL 18-4429 : 1.48kg (52.2oz)
FPEL 18-4626 : 1.49kg (52.6oz)