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Dairiseki Series 4-Pc Kitchen Knife Bundle

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Knife Style: Kiritsuke
Blade Length: 210mm
Heel Height: 48mm
Spine Thickness: 2mm
Weight: 275g

Knife Style: Nakiri
Blade Length: 165mm
Heel Height: 52mm
Spine Thickness: 2mm
Weight: 280g

Knife Style: Bread
Blade Size: 210mm 
Weight: 240g

Knife Style: Petty
Blade Size: 160mm
Weight: 116g

Steel Type: Stainless Steel
Blade Material: VG10
Blade Finish: Damascus
Blade Hardness: 60HRC
Bevel: Double
Handle: G10
 Stainless Steel

The Dairiseki Series Knife Set is a culinary game-changer, offering a 4-pack set of knives designed for professionals and passionate home chefs alike. These knives boast a remarkable combination of form and function, with attributes that ensure precision and comfort. The set includes a versatile Kiritsuke knife with a 210mm blade as your daily driver, a Nakiri knife for precise vegetable chopping, a Bread knife for clean and even slices, and a versatile Petty knife for intricate tasks. The substantial weight of these knives, combined with ergonomic full tang western handles made from white G10 material, guarantees hours of comfortable use and exceptional slicing and dicing capabilities.

What truly sets the Dairiseki Series apart is its superior blade construction. Each blade features a Stainless Steel base with a VG10 cutting core and polished Damascus cladding, resulting in a beautiful, shiny appearance and outstanding performance. With a blade hardness of 60HRC and a double bevel, these knives are exceptionally sharp and durable, making them your trusted companions in the kitchen.

Whether you're crafting gourmet dishes or enjoying the art of home cooking, the Dairiseki Series Knife Set empowers you to take your culinary skills to new heights, achieving precision and excellence in every cut.