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Mr.Itou R2 Black Damascus Stab Santoku 165mm

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Knife Style: Santoku
Steel Type: Stainless Steel
Blade Material: R2 / SG2 Powder
Blade Finish: Nickel Black Damascus
Blade Hardness: 63HRC (+/-1)
Bevel: Double
Handle: Stabilized Wood
Bolster: Brass
Blade Size: 165mm 
Heel Height: 48mm
Spine Thickness 1: At Heel: 2.40mm
Spine Thickness 2: In Middle: 2.10mm
Weight: 191g

Despite retiring in 2020 due to health concerns, Mr. Itou, now 80, continues to produce limited-edition pieces, ensuring his legacy of masterful craftsmanship endures.

Mr. Itou (Itou Yusui) is a distinguished Japanese blacksmith from Echizen, Japan, renowned for his handmade knives that offer exceptional sharpness, vibrant handles, and unique artistry. Primarily using SG2 powdered steel for superior edge retention, each knife is carefully crafted with a hand-tapered full tang and polished handle for optimal balance and grip. 

Santoku knives are the ‘go-to’ knives for many chef's as they are known as a general-purpose kitchen knife. Santoku translates to 'three uses' or 'three virtues' and are ideal for slicing, chopping, and dicing as they feature a straight edge with a narrow foot blade. They are highly appreciated by users doing a lot of precision work thanks to the light, narrow blade, which can make extra thin cuts. While they are greatly suited for all, because of their smaller size, they tend to heavily please the chefs with smaller hands.