Kaizen #214 Nakiri 150mm

Kaizen #214 Nakiri 150mm

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Knife Style: Nakiri
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Blade Material: San Mai from giant sawmill blade core / mild steel clad
Blade Finish: San Mai Tsuchime 
Blade Hardness: 60HRC (+/-2)
Bevel: Double
Handle: Applewood and purpleheart laminate with exotic bolster
Blade Size: 150mm 
Heel Height: 51mm
Spine Thickness 1: At Heel: 5.60mm
Spine Thickness 2: In Middle: 3.05mm
Weight: 196g

Made in Canada from eco-friendly recycled material by Morgan from Kaizen. This knife includes a blade protector and premium travel case with zipper for storage.

In Japanese, "Kaizen" means "the process of continuous amelioration, through small increments". Morgan rapidly realized that this concept was at the heart of his work. Failures guide him towards analysis, improvement, and the right implementation to move closer to excellence with every knife he makes, to create exceptional products, 100% handmade. No shortcut. 

Values of Kaizen Knives:

Performance - Each of us has experienced using a dull knife (and it sucks!), but not many of us know how a well crafted sharp knife should cut. It transforms your cooking experience. There is no going back.

Aesthetic - Wanting to create a WOW effect with the lines, design, colours of his knives. They believe the world could benefit from more moments of wonder. Remember what a kid looks like in front of a toy shop. How about allowing that for our adult-selves.

Eco-friendly - Believing our planet demands our attention, more than ever. That is why most of their raw materials come from recycling and repurpose. Giant milling saw blades, wrought iron from and old water mill, home stabilized burl wood from lands in Quebec or New Brunswick, are just a few examples of where their stuff come from.

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