Complete Sharpening & Care Pack (8 pcs)
Complete Sharpening & Care Pack (8 pcs)
Complete Sharpening & Care Pack (8 pcs)
Complete Sharpening & Care Pack (8 pcs)
Complete Sharpening & Care Pack (8 pcs)
Complete Sharpening & Care Pack (8 pcs)
Complete Sharpening & Care Pack (8 pcs)
Complete Sharpening & Care Pack (8 pcs)

Complete Sharpening & Care Pack (8 pcs)

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Ideal for Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel knives, this complete set can last you a lifetime! 

From amateur home cook to pro-chef, this complete package includes 8 very important products. Strategically assembled by Mike, it will get you going while providing the best bang for your buck!

The package includes:

1. Anti-Slip Whetstone Holder; adjustable, it holds the sharpening stones perfectly. This holder made from a rubber base, it will ensure that your stones are secured and won't slip while you are sharpening.

2. Angle Guide; great to get you going the first time and show you the angle required for sharpening. The guide should only be used for angle guidance and used on chef knives for testing purposes during the adaptation period. Once you learn the angle, get going free-handed.

3. Naniwa #1000 Grit Whetstone; lightly coarse, the #1000 stone is ideal for sharpening without quickly burning through your edge when your knife is dull.

4. Naniwa #6000 Grit Whetstone; smooth, this stone is used for honing and also fine-polishing to give your blade that nice crisp feel and shine.

5. Naniwa #24 Grit Flattening Stone; ideal to resurface your #1000 stone, it will keep your stone flat to ensure your blade is sitting straight and give you the best sharpening results. To flatten the #6000 stone, we recommend using the #1000 because the #24 could be too coarse if improperly used.

6. Natural Conditioner Wax; a must have for your wooden handles and cutting boards, this conditioner will not only bring back the slick look, but also protect your wood from soaking in water and bacteria.

7. Tsubaki Camellia Oil; detrimental for Carbon Steel knives, Camellia oil is known to disperse humidity from the steel and prevent corrosion. It it recommended to give your knives a good oiling after each sharpening session or/and before putting them away for an extended period.

8. Polishing Cloth; don't leave the water marks or finger prints on your knife, this cloth is perfect to give your knife back the shine it should have.

For a sharpening tutorial and information on how to use the above set of products, consults our online video: Here! If you have additional questions and need tips with sharpening or items that might not be clearly covered, give us a call or reach out by email and we will gladly guide you.

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With all products in stock we take the opportunity to ensure that your new knives are fully inspected, hand-sharpened and sharp tested on a Professional BESS Certified Sharpness Tester.

This guarantees that your knives are ready to work right out the box!

All our product photo's are real and taken in house with the help of a profesional Nikon DSLR camera.

Colors and shadings might slightely vary based on the item, lighting and angle which is why we try to take pictures from various angles to try and show as much in each product.

If prefered, you can also reach out to us and we will share a handmade video of the desired product.

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