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Dao Vua Niji 52100 Tall Nakiri 165mm

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Original price $200 CAD - Original price $200 CAD
Original price $200 CAD
$200 CAD
$200 CAD - $200 CAD
Current price $200 CAD


Knife Style: Nakiri (Tall)
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Blade Material: 52100 (Made in USA)
Blade Finish: Tsuchime
Blade Hardness: 60HRC (+/-1)
Bevel: Double
Handle: Stabilized Wood
Blade Length: 165mm
Heel Height: 70mm
Spine Thickness: 2.60mm
Weight: Xg (Coming Soon!)

The latest Dao Vua series, hand forged from 52100 carbon steel imported from the USA received a facelift with a custom handle. It is an amazing choice for anyone looking to make a step forward into the world of Japanese Carbon Steel knives, but are skeptical about the care level on a knife that could break the bank. With a slight added weight due to the thicker spine, this series remains affordable and is a great addition for any Dao Vua collector.

Nakiri knives are highly known for their long and flat blade. They tend to be fabricated with a higher heel compared to other models and are extremely popular for chopping vegetables. They are the ideal candidate for cutting long veggies in a single chop, but also great for a push or pull cut into harder vegetables. The square shape allows you to easily grip your fingers around the handle with no fear of busting your knuckles when chopping your vegetables.

*No gift box included.