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Japanese Carbon Wok, Ladle & Spatula Cooking Set

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Prix d'origine $137.00
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Introducing the Shimamoto Seisakusho 33cm Carbon Wok Set. This set includes not only the iconic 33cm Carbon Wok with a sturdy steel handle but also essential utensils for your culinary journey: a ladle, spatula, and a Palm Sponge scrub for cleaning.

Before its first use, the wok, laddle and spatula require seasoning. Seasoning involves heating the steel and applying a thin layer of oil, which bonds to the metal, creating a natural, non-stick surface. This process not only enhances the cooking performance but also protects it from rust.

From the comforts of home kitchens to bustling commercial spaces, the Shimamoto Carbon Wok Set is your gateway to mastering authentic Asian flavors and techniques.