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Hey! We are Mike and Janie, two easy going parents with a large culinary passion — cooking for ourselves, our kids, and eating makes us happy.

Back in 2019 we were looking at our kitchen drawers and there were simply no knives that we loved using while doing what we loved... cooking. While going out to find something more modern and adapted to our needs we quickly realised that store shelves didn't provide any wow factors. This is when we decided to challenge the industry by negotiating with manufactures to fabricate something different.

The feeling of cooking with the new knives we first received exceed the expected performance and were simply beautiful - at that point we said goodbye to our old, dull, ugly, and unsafe kitchen knives. After experimenting with more and more models ourselves and getting samples for our friends and families, we quickly realised that there was a large demand which is how Kakushin was founded.

Our journey began with manufactured products shipped from overseas to our home, our basement, where we would inspect, sharpen, test, pack and fulfill the orders by hand. Since we have even developed relationships with artisans and blacksmiths that couldn't get their name out there despite their passion and talents. Supporting small individuals meant a lot to us and this is how we managed to start designing and creating custom products that are unique in the world.

Having a variety between manufactured and handmade products truly allows us to provide something for every cooking enthusiast. Since we have since supplied products to home cooks, chefs and even restaurants around the world.

Later in 2021, we decided to seek for more space to move our products into a safer and more adapted environment which is when we found our 360 Maloney Ouest storefront. From this location we now ship all the orders while also doing sharpening, repairs and even greeting clients, showing them our vast collection, and allowing them to hand-pick their own.

Pourquoi Kakushin ?

🍁 Une entreprise canadienne

Kakushin est une entreprise canadienne avec un magasin de détail basé à Gatineau, Québec - venez nous rendre visite ! En tant que marque déposée, il est dans notre intérêt de faire ce qui est juste pour nos clients afin de maintenir notre réputation.

⭐ Avis 5 étoiles

Avec un compte Google et Facebook affichant des avis positifs 5 étoiles, cela montre à quel point nous nous soucions de nos produits et de nos clients.

📦 Produits en stock

Avec plus de 500 produits répertoriés sur notre site Web disponibles en stock, cela garantit que les commandes de nos clients sont exécutées sans recourir à un tiers.

🚚 Expédition rapide

Avoir tous nos produits en stock garantit qu’il n’y a aucun retard dans l’envoi des commandes, ce qui garantit une livraison rapide et fluide.

💎 Contrôle qualité

Toutes les commandes sont remplies à la main. Cela garantit que nos produits sont en parfait état – après tout, nous mettons notre nom sur le produit, nous devons donc avoir notre mot à dire sur ce qui va à nos clients !