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Yamada Iron Wok Pipe Handle Spatula - Chuan

in stock, ready to be shipped
in stock, ready to be shipped
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Original price $15.00
$15.00 - $19.00
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Explore Yamada's Pipe Wok Spatulas, lovingly crafted by skilled artisans in Japan. They come in Small and Large sizes, designed to suit your cooking preferences perfectly. Made from a blend of sturdy iron and wood, each ladle showcases a unique design that sets it apart, ideal for a wide range of wok-frying tasks.

The iron pipe handle ensures easy handling, tailored for home chefs.

Size chart:

  • Small (450mm x 100mm) - Suggested for Iron Woks between 27-33cm
  • Large (480mm x 130mm) - Suggested for Iron Woks larger than 33cm

Upon arrival, these ladles are coated with protective varnish to prevent rusting during shipping and storage. Before using, simply remove the varnish by heating over high flame and season the ladle head. With Yamada, a respected family-owned craft factory with generations of expertise, enhance your culinary journey.