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K720 Establo Chef 220mm

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Knife Style: Gyuto (Tall)
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Blade Material: K720 (Bohler Steel)
Blade Finish: Kurouchi
Blade Hardness: 59HRC (+/-1)
Bevel: Double
Handle: Ebony with Bocote Pins 
Blade Length: 220mm
Heel Height: 56mm
Spine Thickness: Xmm (Coming Soon!)
Weight: Xg (Coming Soon!)

Gyutos are known as the only knife needed in the kitchen. The blades typically range from 210mm to 270mm in length and are appreciated for their taller heel. Gyuto’s are a great option for most as they have a reasonably flat profile toward the heel for chopping, a belly toward the tip of the blade for rock cutting, and a pointed tip for precision work which is why many chefs prefer a Gyuto over many other models.

While often similar in shape when compared to Western chef knives, Japanese Gyuto’s have a reputation for being lighter and thinner.