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Victorinox Swiss Knives | Exciting News: Canadian Retailer - Kakushin

Victorinox Swiss Knives | Exciting News: Canadian Retailer

Kakushin is excited to announce its partnership with the esteemed Swiss brand, Victorinox, as an authorized Canadian retailer. In this blog, we highlight the distinctive features that make their kitchen knives essential for both home and commercial use.

Established in 1884 by Karl Elsener, Victorinox began as a cutler's workshop with a mission to alleviate poverty in Switzerland. The company's commitment to solid values and social responsibility is mirrored in its independent family structure, with 90% of shares held by the Victorinox Foundation. This unique ownership ensures 90% of profits remain as reserves for the company, while the remaining 10% supports charitable projects.

Most of their kitchen knives are crafted from Martensitic steel, known for exceptional hardness, corrosion resistance, and durability. These qualities make Martensitic steel an excellent choice for knife making.

The knife's Rockwell Hardness is around 56-57, as specified by Victorinox. While considered soft compared to Japanese knives, this allows the blades to strike a good balance between edge retention and resistance without being too brittle. With low maintenance, they can be easily honed to the desired factory sharpness. With several models starting at only $10 CAD, they are budget-friendly and worry-free.

In the below image, we cut with ease into a strawberry with the 80mm (3-inch) paring knife:

Perfect for home cooks and chefs in a busy restaurant, these blades deliver incredible accuracy and performance, effortlessly handling a variety of culinary tasks from butchering to fine cuisine.

Recognizing the importance of aesthetics in the kitchen, Victorinox offers diverse knife lines with distinctive designs, allowing users to create a personalized culinary haven, from swiss classic, swiss modern, or even the elegance wood series.

In the image below we compare the rosewood (left) to the elastomers (right) handles:

Victorinox Swiss Knives, embodying a legacy of precision and social responsibility, redefine the culinary landscape. As we introduce these iconic knives to our Canadian inventory, we invite you to enhance your culinary prowess with tools trusted by chefs worldwide.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of Swiss craftsmanship and culinary mastery with Victorinox – where each cut tells a story of precision, excellence, and a commitment to a greater cause.

Click here to check out our online inventory or visit our shop.

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