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Kakushin Knives in action at Restaurant Le Rituel, Golf Le Sorcier. - Kakushin

Kakushin Knives in action at Restaurant Le Rituel, Golf Le Sorcier.

This week, I had the pleasure of visiting Christian, the head chef at Restaurant Le Rituel in Gatineau. This charming spot is well-known for its stunning golf course, Le Sorcier, during the summer, and its thrilling Fat Bike experience in the winter. With new management in place and Christian now leading the kitchen, they’ve been making some remarkable changes to their structure, menu, and events.

During my visit, I brought along four knives for Christian to use while preparing one of their delicious menu items. It was a fantastic opportunity to see these knives in action under the expert hands of a chef.

Check out the video (in French):

Here’s the knife lineup:

  1. 165mm Nanmā Nakiri: Perfect for chopping tasks in both home and commercial kitchens, thanks to its stainless steel blade and ergonomic pakawood handle.

  2. 150mm Mizudori 3.0 Petty: Ideal for slicing and mincing small herbs, shallots, onions, mushrooms, and more.

  3. 250mm Japanese 555 Bread Knife: A long workhorse, perfect for making thin and precise slices in baguettes and other styles of bread.

  4. 240mm Ginsan Kiritsuke: A versatile chef’s knife, excellent for almost any task, especially for cutting clean pieces of meat without tearing the grain.

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